Leyendas Y Realidades Scene 1 & 3

"Leyendas y Realidades" this trailer presents short clips from scene 1 that introduces character solos and scene 3 that explores the life of Malinche as a female survivor of the spanish conquest in Mexico and the mother of Mexico Mestizo. "Leyendas y Realidades" is an hour-length dance-theater work that celebrates my Mexican heritage and my adopted country. The performance is meant to inspire and spiritually empower Latinx audiences, and all, to recover their indigenous heritages; incorporate ancient, grounding wisdom into their contemporary lives; and recognize the relevance of women in society through facts and legends plucked from the conquest of the Aztec empire by the Spanish. Grounded in the life and legend of Malintzin, better known as La Malinche, a mythologized Nahua woman who played a key role in the Spanish conquest; acting as translator, mediator and interpreter to conquistador Hernan Cortez. "Legendas y Realidades” unfolds in a series of dance vignettes that capture the essence of the myths and historic events to reflect current cultural clashes with a touch of mysticism and Mexican folklore. The work incorporates acroyoga techniques into dance choreography, embodying mutual trust, strength, and mental focus; in "Leyendas" we augment this with spoken text in English and Spanish, costumes, mask/makeup, original music, and video projection. In this work, 6 performers portray legendary women, men, gods and goddesses from Mesoamerica 1500 BC (part of it Modern Mexico today). The characters interact in solos, duos, trios, and as a full ensemble in connected vignettes that flow into one another. Furthermore “Leyendas” gives a more integrated perspective to Malinche’s life as a woman that was living in a world ruled by men. Malinche now is known as the Mother of Mexico Mestizo; the blend of two cultures. directed and choreographed by Silvita Diaz Brown Dancers: Tess Collins, Juan Enrique Irizarry, Dylan Roth, Ileana Nadine Mauricio, Christopher Knowlton and Silvita Diaz Brown. Music: Wiebe Dirk Video: Alexandra Yasinovsky Costumes Elizabeth Collins mask Ariel Arvis

"Llorona" & "Del Otro Lado"

In this video you can view excerpts from Silvita's Solo "Llorona" at free street theater June 2017 and duet "Del Otro Lado" at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen May 2018. Silvita Diaz Brown of Sildance/Acrodanza presented “Tejiendo Caminos, (Weaving paths)” at The National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen for the "Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Festival where she presented both pieces. These two works blend her Mexican roots and her acquired American culture. “Llorona” is a performance inspired by the Mexican legend La Llorona: a woman who is driven to madness in a loveless marriage that caused her to lose her mind and leave her children to drown in the river. The dance is based on the turmoil spirit of “La Llorona” which I relate to many women that live tormented lives in abusive relationships and through this dance they find redemption. here you can see how I transformed an Mythical character into a performance piece through dance, make up, costume and sound/singing. Chreography/performance: Silvita Diaz Brown Music by Chavela Vargas costume by Elizabeth Collins Makeup by Ariel Arvis “Del Otro Lado:” a dance duet that touches the themes of encounter between Mexican and American cultures, love, courage and adoption of a new place as home. Here you can view my use of dance, acrobatics, live music and video projection to bring the story to life. Choreographer/director: Silvita Diaz Brown Dancers: Christopher Knowlton and Silvita Diaz Brown Music: composition and performance: Wiebe Dirk Ophorst video proyection: Alexandra Yasinovsky

Del Otro Lado dance film excepts

"Del Otro Lado" (On the other Side): a dance duet that touches the themes of encounter between Mexican and American cultures, love, courage and adoption of a new place as home. Filmmaker/director: Alexandra Yasinovsky Choreography: Silvita Diaz Brown Dancers/movement collaborators: Christopher Knowlton and Silvita Diaz Brown Music: composition: Wiebe Dirk Ophorst Film editing: Antonin Lelievre